Wonder. Fucking. Woman.

So I’m typically a Marvel girl. I get excited about all of the Marvel Studios movies. It’s entirely possible that I’ve been writing Frostiron with my bff for, um, lordy, about five years now. (I do believe I mentioned I get nerdy sometimes, eh?)

It’s been a long time since any of the DC movies have interested me. The previews never compel me – most of them just look overly dark and dour. I like a bit of levity in my superhero movies; it grates me if they take themselves too seriously. I’m a longtime Joss Whedon fan and I love his ability to balance humor and drama – his style fit right in with the Marvel Studios tone and that’s part of what I love about all of those movies. Until Wonder Woman I don’t think I’d seen a DC movie since the The Dark Knight.

BUT. Wonder Woman. I was planning to give it a chance no matter what, because let’s face it, as much as I love Marvel they still haven’t given us a fucking Black Widow movie or any movie with a woman lead. I didn’t want this to go by without supporting it. I admit I was skeptical though, given how little the DC stuff typically appeals to me. Then I started hearing my friends talk about it and I started to feel a twinge of excitement.

And now, betcha by golly wow am I ever on board. Not with DC overall – I still don’t want to see those dumbass looking Batman and Superman movies – but I’m all in with Wonder Woman. Because that kicked some ass. Everyone was brilliant in their roles – Gal Gadot is fucking phenomenal and Robin Wright just blew me the hell away.

The movie wasn’t flawless, no, but are they ever? I’m not going to nitpick because it was a ton of fun, gorgeously filmed, a great story, the characters had charisma and chemistry and … IT WAS A STORY ABOUT A WOMAN HERO TOLD BY A WOMAN AND OMG I DIDN’T REALIZE HOW MUCH I NEEDED THAT.

So it turns out that I’m not at all alone in having an unexpectedly emotional reaction to the movie. I talked to a friend about her similar experience, and then I found this article – it’s a thing. I did not expect this movie to hit me right in the feels just because of what it was – and I mean separately from plot feels, because there were plenty of those too – throughout the whole thing, even the scenes that weren’t intentionally emotional, my feels were engaged just by the movie’s freaking existence. And yes, I got teary quite a few times. I did not see that coming.

So even if I’m never interested in a single other DC property, even if they reboot Batman 25 more times and make a dozen more boring cookie-cutter looking Superman movies, I’m no longer a hater. Because they did this first. I love Marvel, but even when (because I know it’ll happen) Marvel comes to the table with a woman hero, they weren’t first. I wanted them to be, but they weren’t – DC was, and that’s no small thing.