Keep Moving. Do Things That Matter. And Don’t Miss Any PokeStops Along the Way.

Before I start nattering about my crazy balance of geekery and fitness and learning, let me just get this out of the way – people, freaking call your senators. Even if you don’t live in one of those ten states, still call them. They need to hear from you. Emails are great, Resistbot is great, but if you can call, call. It’s important.

Okay, on to the rambling.

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So Many Kinds of Pride

I mentioned before that I didn’t want to restrict the topics of this blog – I’ve tried that before, blogging on a single theme, and inevitably I have other things that I want to natter about and so I either feel like I’m going off topic or I just trail off of posting because what I want to post about doesn’t seem to fit the space. The title “JJ Does Today” seemed fitting, both in its openness and in its hint of where I’ve been going with my life – trying to do a better job of getting more out of each day; giving more to each day.

And man did we ever do the shit out of yesterday.

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Soooo yeah I may have just ordered this. I’ve seen a few different versions of the design going around but this one was by far the best, and I know Cotton Bureau makes nice shirts because I have a Pod Save America shirt that they made. This quote just made me way too happy. Does James Comey remind anyone else of Bert?

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Wonder. Fucking. Woman.

So I’m typically a Marvel girl. I get excited about all of the Marvel Studios movies. It’s entirely possible that I’ve been writing Frostiron with my bff for, um, lordy, about five years now. (I do believe I mentioned I get nerdy sometimes, eh?)

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Thoughts of the Recently Woke

The blog I had previous to this one was focused specifically on geeky things. I’ll always be a geek and there will be times on this blog when I geek out about some ridiculously nerdy thing – but I trailed off on that blog and I think it was, at least in part, because I was too limiting in directing a topic for it. This one I’ve left purposely open. I wanted a place where I could talk about news, current events and politics if I wanted – but I didn’t want to limit it to that, either, because sometimes I want to talk about books or fitness or something completely random.

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I used to believe – or at least thought I believed, or wanted to believe – in the inherent goodness of people. I don’t anymore. I haven’t for a long time.

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Local Wine Weekend!

We’ve had a couple of busy weekends – this weekend was the Nine Lakes Wine Festival; we went to the Winemaker’s Dinner last night and the festival itself today, and both were wicked fun. Before I met the Nine Lakes folks I really had no idea that Tennessee wine was thriving – I’d only tried one Tennessee wine and it was from a winery that’s … not very good … and I didn’t realize that there were so many more Tennessee wineries out there, and that many of them are excellent.

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