I Think I’ll Do

The passive voice is not easy to teach. There are times when I question whether I’m qualified to be teaching ESL at all – and then I find out that last Thursday, one of the nights I’m not there, the group I usually teach didn’t even have a teacher because not enough volunteers showed up. 

I’m doing fine, and I’ll get better as I go, and I’m showing up to do it. 

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Podcasts & Conversations

Thoughts from today:

1. Vive la France! I was relieved when Wilders lost in the Netherlands and I’m relieved today. I don’t claim to understand the intricacies of politics in other countries (there’s still a ton I don’t understand about the intricacies in my own) but I know I’m relieved that the rest of the world isn’t jumping into crazy with both feet along with us and the UK.

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My Panhandling Fund

I didn’t used to give money to panhandlers – if someone asked me for money I’d brusquely but truthfully tell them that I didn’t carry cash and keep moving. Then I heard an interview on the BBC with a man who lived on the streets for an extended period of time in order to be able to write about the experience and he said that one of the worst parts of it was the feeling of dehumanization – that other people didn’t acknowledge his existence.

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Fangirling the News

I’ve been a fangirl geek all my life. I’ve gotten sucked deep into many a fandom, written my share of fanfiction, squeed and flailed over my current OTP – it’s been really interesting lately to see that tendency in myself turn more towards a desire to follow the real world.

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So the volunteer adventure I’m on (at some point I’ll talk about how finding a place to volunteer regularly was harder than I would have expected) is teaching ESL classes two nights a week at our local Hispanic center.

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It Was Time For New Ink

I’ve known that I eventually wanted to get a Hamilton quote as a tattoo since well before the election, but the results of the election made it swiftly clear to me which one of the several quotes I was considering was the appropriate choice. I thought about getting it right around inauguration but that didn’t quite end up happening, and now I think getting it immediately after the first 100 days seems more fitting anyway.

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